Thursday, March 27, 2008

Look At Me Now

So, I used to try really hard to be this bad-ass runner type. It was really important that I have some mud on my shoes, a fearless approach to bad weather, and a clunky car that screamed "character!" Life was a trail, The sky was the limit... blah, blah, blah.
Don't get me wrong - That girl is still here. She's still alive and well.... but now she drives to 3 different stores to get party balloons, order ladybug birthday cakes, and a purple ribbon for the birthday girl's hair. Now that hemp necklace, tattooed girl is driving 10 miles below the limit on an icy day because I have 2 little bundles in the back seat that mean the world to me.
I wrestle with a 3 year old on a Friday night, cheer and dance around when I hear of him pooping in the toilet, have a toy truck in my purse, and religiously read articles about car seat recalls.
How do I reconcile these two versions of me? Momma with an edge? :)