Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Momma is a Hippy Wannabee

So, at first guess, you might be under the impression that we're expecting triplets.... NO! (knock on wood) Although that would get Meema closer to her 10 grandchildren goal, I will happily wait for my children to come in smaller doses and at lengthy intervals.

Anyways, this picture is about our lovely feathered friends: Annabelle, Opal, and Sally. Sally is a little witchy, (good for her- no one said you have to be all docile and mother hennish just because you're a girl!) but the other two are sweethearts already and like to sit on my lap and chirp for me when they want something.... which is currently most of all day and all night.

Our goal is to have a little backyard flock for the dark brown and bright blue eggs, because, Yes, I did a report on animal abuse in the 8th grade and learned all about factory farm animals. (My parents were super thrilled with this new passion of mine. No meat, store-bought eggs, or products that had been tested on animals. My mom was traipsing all over the place to get her stubborn kid to eat some darn cruelty-free protein. Little did they know that I'd been listening all those years as my dad rhapsodized on the peace, love, and revolution of the hippy folk. It was right up my alley. I had found my cause. Pass the hummus and sing me a song.)

I fell off the wagon a bit over the years. I'm human! But the initial idea is there. So maybe little A. will be a chip off the old block and I'll have a little pal to take along on my peaceful protests and lick the stamps when we send checks to http://www.seashepherd.org/ or http://www.pasadosafehaven.org/... We'll see. Meanwhile, we'll just collect eggs for Big A's scrambled breakfasts and listen to the cute sound of bickering hens in the morning. Little A. will shriek with delight every time she sees the girls as Big A. says, "Shh... you're scaring the babies!"