Friday, April 18, 2008

Matters of the Butt and Beyond

Well, the first Butt related event involves Big A. As with most 3-year-old boys, Aidan has a ways to go with his manners. Particularly table manners and bodily functions... We do the best we can, while still maintaining a sense of humor. Last night we lost the battle to laughter.
While at the table, Aidan burped. He looked up, surprised, and said, "I fart!" He then pointed to his mouth and said, "Out of my mouth!"
While we laughed and asked him to say "excuse me," he kept saying, "I did! I did!"

On a more serious note, Little A has to see a GI specialist at the Children's Hospital in Tacoma to figure out why she has battled constipation since she was 6 months old. She is on a vegetable extract remedy, but shouldn't have to do this everyday if everything was "normal." I'm a bit worried about this, as it may mean scopes and pokes for my poor little girl. And of course, while trying to remain upbeat, it's also scary to imagine there might actually be a poor diagnosis as a result. Keep us in your prayers! Otherwise, Addison is totally healthy and normal and developing at a perfect rate. She is bright, strong, and sociable. 78% for weight at 1 year and 81% for height. :)