Friday, May 16, 2008

Half The Sky

Ever since I had my own children, I've found myself more emotional when it comes to talking about children elsewhere who may be suffering, hungry, neglected, or unsafe. How can it be possible that there are beautiful babies who don't have the constant love, attention, and touch that my own children have demanded from day one? How do those little babies learn that there won't be anyone making their lives comfortable and safe? How in the world do the rest of us live with the knowledge that they are out there - in our own country and others - born to parents who just couldn't give them the love they deserve? They are out there - crying without anyone responding.
This organization is in China. When I went to China for a USA track and field event in high school, I was touched by the sight of dozens of American couples staying at our hotel near the embassy with new adopted daughters in their arms. These babies had won the lottery - They went from a life as an orphan to the arms of parents and families who'd been waiting and wishing for them. They were in new clothes, accompanied by brand new diaper bags with all the latest gadgets, and had whole families doting on their every movement and expression. I could see a lifetime of FAMILY for these little girls who had been abandoned by their own.
This organization focuses on the children who don't win that lottery. They train women caretakers for each developmental age. It connects local women with nurseries and trains these women to hold, nurture, and stimulate the infants so that we can hopefully see a world someday where there are no such things as anonymous rows of cribs and impersonal orphanages - a thought that makes the mother in me want to be sick with sorrow and disgust.
If you can find the extra dollar (and I know there are so many places deserving of those extra dollars!) why not send one this way? You can also support them by buying some of the adorable shoes at : A percentage of their proceeds support the Half The Sky organization.
In honor of your own children - Give to some who don't have a mom, dad, or grandparent like you.