Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spokane Revisited

Here are the pictures my mom took when we were in Spokane... She is MUCH better at getting photos than I am...

We did a baby shower for Shawna. Since it was so hot, we had an evening tea out in the back yard. Shawna is due in October. We can't wait to meet little Phoebe Mae Lynn!

The baby shower table settings...

Aidan went to an arcade with his uncle Paul and Daddy while the girls had the baby shower... this was one of his little prizes...

Every morning, Meema had a special surprise in the "magic mailbox" for the kiddos. This cool old mailbox is attached to Meema's playhouse in the backyard. Umm, I mean her greenhouse. :) They LOVED this new ritual.

This picture sums up why I miss Spokane.... It's a lot of sitting around with friends and family in the grass, by the pool, or at the lake or a river.... Good food, cold drinks, and always casual.

Miss A. enjoying some cake from Aunt Janelle's graduation party. (graduated from college already!)

Swimming with Papa

Don't touch the cake!