Friday, January 30, 2009

Profound Moments

Your life changes in so many profound ways once you become a parent. But sometimes,
out of the blue,
it really hits you.
Like when you're sitting on the toilet, going to the bathroom, and reading a story to a toddler at the same time. And you think - Hey, I just had to take a quick tinkle, but here I am, reading Berenstain Bears, on the toilet, with a little person leaning on me with her elbows on my knees....

Making French Toast with Mom

1200 calories
30 minutes elliptical
200 crunchers, etc
(tell me how I'm going to stick to this diet on Super Bowl Sunday!!! I can't cheat again until my birthday. That's the rule - per me. 2/9/09 I turn 29. Eeek! My last year as a twenty-something...)


Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, so true!!! Those bathroom moments kinds hit you over the head and make you realize that you really are a mom... that mom!! Me too!!