Monday, January 26, 2009

Why didn't I think of this sooner....?

Since winter break, Addison has stopped sleeping on her own. After a rough first year of sleeping, she had surprised and delighted us by becoming a fabulous sleeper for the last few months. She would go down smiling and sleep for a solid 12 hours. We were astounded and almost didn’t know what to do with our new free time at night.
This Christmas, however, she took a turn for the worse. She decided that she is afraid of the dark, afraid to be alone, and has nightmares that have her wake up screaming and crying to be held and comforted.
To get her to bed, we’ve been having to take her to our room, dim the lights, and lay with her for an hour or so until she finally falls asleep, draped over one of us, with her feet in the face of the other. Goodbye freedom. On the few nights we’ve tried to go back to her old habits, we’ve eventually found ourselves rushing into her room after 15-20 minutes of frantic and terrified crying. We find her drenched in sweat, snot, and tears to the point where we’ve had to change her pajamas. We decided this wasn’t a case of being spoiled or stubborn. Little A was really afraid. So we sucked it up and decided our nights were once again dominated by our little girl.
Well, last night we tried again to place her in her room after 45 minutes of tossing and turning in our bed.
We had a nightlight, a lullaby CD playing, and lots of kisses. Sam, the cat, even joined her and curled up at her feet. When we left the room, it was the same old, same old. She was crying, asking for her parents, and making us feel horrible.
So I prayed.
I asked God to take away her fears, make her feel held, loved, and safe in his arms. I asked him to help her feel comfort and see nighttime as a relaxing, refreshing, and cozy time filled with sweet dreams and kitty cats.
And in the middle of these words, for the first time in weeks, Addison stopped crying. It was like a switch was thrown. She stopped crying and went to sleep before I could even say “Amen.”


Tabitha Blue said...

So sweet!! What a peace prayer can bring!