Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If You don't have anything nice to say....

I've been trying to only say positive things on this blog. But today, let's take the gloves off and do some ranting.
I am TICKED that I GAINED a pound between week 2 and week 3. I cheated ONE day. How can a person gain weight? I could understand if I failed to lose more weight, but to GAIN a pound?! Come on! This is what makes weight loss really hard for me. I can be super diligent, but if I let myself enjoy one day of being a normal person, it all goes to heck. It seems like my body just wants to stay this size forever. And that is NOT going to happen.
What is extra sucky for me --- my birthday is on Monday. And I am going to cheat on my birthday. I will have some kind of nice meal that night and that means (according to this past week) that even if I work out and diet every single other day of the week, I'll probably still get fatter!
So, after my birthday, I will be taking drastic measures. We're talking "Ali" pills, amping up the workouts, and pretty much entering "Deprivation Zone." It will be SO FUN.
(someone shoot me now)

last night - 1200 calories
35 min. elliptical

tonight - 1200 calories
30 minutes elliptical


tara @ kidz said...

Girl, this is my problem exactly. Just know you're not alone.

I tried Alli last year, and it made me have headaches, but it worked well for my SIL.

We've been doing '8 Minutes in the Morning' along with a regular exercise program. For me, though, I can only look at the scale once a month. If I do the weekly or daily check I get too discouraged. I like to see big numbers or I give up.

Sorry for rambling!