Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines

A cold day trip to Fort Townsend to celebrate Valentines' Day together.

I look smashing in my layers of winter wear.

Someone had to help Daddy fix the table...

Aidan likes to watch dorky ghost and alien documentaries with me.... :)
We cuddled up on Friday to watch "Ghost Adventures;" one of our favorites.
We went on a few "ghost hunts" with the kids in the fort tunnels. (inspired by our favorite show) Aidan had a blast, and Addison surprised us with her bravery. We caught one short little trip into the tunnels with the camera. It turns out that Ranger is the scaredy cat of the bunch. He would get really nervous every time we went into the tight tunnels and would start trembling. Since he has to protect me, though, he didn't hesistate to come along for the adventure. :)

Saturday - 1200 calories, 30 minutes elliptical, weights

Sunday - cheated

Monday - cheated (my birthday)

Tuesday - 1200 calories

Wednesday - 1200 calories (flu the last few days, so no workout)

Thursday - 1200 calories, 30 minutes elliptical

Friday - cheated a little

Saturday - cheated because of Valentines' day.

So, as you can see, I have trouble around holidays and special occasions.... luckily, I don't think there are any other holidays in the near future. Hopefully I can stay on the wagon. Before I cheated on my birthday, I checked the scale and saw that I was down 10 pounds total. I didn't record this weight, though, because I figured it would be depressing to mark it down and then right back up again after my birthday binging...