Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's too bad my camera is dysfunctional...

because a couple of these indoor photos could have been really cute! Here is Miss A getting ready for a "jog" with mom. That's right. A "jog." Back when I was a "runner," we would scornfully laugh when people called what we did "jogging." Jogging was for the newbies, the middle-aged moms with sparkly white shoes, matching jogging outfits, makeup, earrings, who didn't even break a sweat.
But really, at this point in my life, I can't really call what I do, exactly, "running." Let's just say I survive a little jaunt with the dog pulling my arm one direction, Addison demanding I pick her a flower for both hands, and my body screaming, "What the HECK do you think you're doing to me? I GAVE BIRTH. I let you get away with the hills and miles and all that physical abuse when you were younger and spry. Now it's my turn to chill, lady! Yeesh... give it a rest. I want to be fat." But I forge on.

Below is what you get when you say, "Addison, make your funny face!"

And this is what makes it all worth it. A trail! A trail with bumps and branches and mud. Ahhhh.... listen to my soul take a deep breath of contentment.
I live in the woods, granted, but we're talking thick, "take your machete with you" kind of woods. No trails. I despise sticking to the roads, and have all kinds of nostalgic memories of the trails of my youth, so finding this little baby of a trail close to home MADE MY DAY. Honestly, you can make all your best decisions in life if you just take to a trail now and then.
And last, but definitely not least, we had a very happy reunion this morning. One week ago today, my lovely Sam walked out the door and didn't come back. I canvassed the neighborhood, handed out fliers, put up ads, called the humane society every day, etc, etc, etc. I was certain that he was a goner and had been eaten by coyotes, but couldn't let myself give up hope. I was in an emotional limbo. Sam is, after all, one of my first babies.
Sam and Henry have been with me since my senior year in college. They were tiny little fluff balls who went everywhere with me. Every road trip home for the holidays and every hill and valley of my life. Sam was the confident little bugger that would walk up to strangers with his tail held high and jauntily say hello. He is spunky, friendly, and seems to be half dog. Everyone likes Sam. Even those who profess to hate cats.
Sam and Henry were in my life when I graduated college, got my first teaching job, and escaped a toxic and abusive relationship. They were with me when I put myself back together again. They've been there when I married, became a mom, changed jobs, changed towns, and changed hair colors. :) They remain my constant companions and my unconditional friends.
So when Sam came running in the door this morning, skinny and tired, I cried, "Sam's back!!!" and lifted him to my face. And then everything was whole again. My family. My history. And my every day - given back to me for at least a while longer.
P.S. - the bandaid on Addison's nose is for a tiny scratch. She insisted on it. And why not - she is always very fashion forward! Maybe next week everyone will be wearing bandaids on their noses!


Tooj said...

They used to wear them on their cheeks for fashion...I don't see why the nose should be any different! :)

Anonymous said...

Here from SITS...

I so agree that trails are so much better than sidewalks and roadways, I can't stand running on hard surfaces, but give me a trail and I am all over that.

T. said...

I miss going for wlaks myself (could never run, too many back problems, and now the knee as well). I totally agree with the pets, I had my dog near the end of college and before the hubby and child, I tell them all the time, be nice to her, I had her first lol!

T. said...

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Steph said...

Here from SITS

I loved your story about your cat returning, isn't it great when pets have adventures to? I always think of them with little ruck-sacks tied to their tails trotting along to some theme song.