Monday, April 6, 2009


Addison May Amor
Fue amor a primera vista.
(It was love at first sight.)

I waited my whole life for her.
Now that she’s here, it’s hard to remember my life without her.

She is demanding, charming, intelligent, and gorgeous.

When she was born, I had every intention of holding her during every waking moment. Addison seemed to not only know this, but cheerfully enforces the ideal to this day. She loves to be packed around in a sling, or on a hip, with one hand holding my ponytail and at times the other down the front of my shirt.

My daughter.

Sometimes I’m in awe of the lady she is becoming. She is so inquisitive, so compassionate, and so easily brightened by new discoveries. She will use her “sad voice” when asking me about a scratch on my arm, use her “mommy voice,” when talking to her baby dolls, and then use her strident voice when you try to help her climb the stairs and she wants to do it by herself.

She doesn’t cry when she get’s shots, she tells strangers in the grocery store, “I WUV spaghetti!” and declares, “I’m Batman!” when she tries on a new fluffy, girly dress.

My vocabulary is never enough to describe this little sprite in my life, but I did my best HERE.

It was love at first sight.
And love for ever after.


Fresh Mommy said...

Aww this is so sweet... and spot on!! My daughter is the same way, so loving and so testing. I couldn't imagine life without her!!


kerstins blogg said...

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