Saturday, June 6, 2009


I was hoping for a repeat performance... last week, Aidan prayed to Jesus to "Help me stop kissing girls."

ALSO ---- take a second to VOTE for your favorite name on the right. I'm going to be adding some new chicken ladies to my life and would like to put some good vibes and good luck on them by giving them some tough chick names. You know - names that no one would mess with. These hens need to be tough as nails, divas of the first degree, and impervious to all that is foul in their feathered world. I am a pet owner extraordinaire, but have recently suffered a loss with my first beloved chickens. These new ladies will be entering our fortified fortress tomorrow and will be living in the lap of luxury with armed guard babysitters, hand chosen from the local snipers' club, the next time we go on vacation.

P.S. - I'll cheat if you don't vote for Angelina and Oprah. I definitely think those two are "Must Haves." :)


the ungourmet said...

Love your son's prayer. This sounds like something my son would pray!

Becky said...

I love Angelina too, so I am with ya on that one...great choice:)