Sunday, August 23, 2009


So, this is what my kitchen was looking like before we went camping with the two kids, the dog, and "Nessy." Don't judge - just try doing dishes with one hand!

Now, imagine what my house looks like after unloading all the dirty laundry, bedding, camping dishes, dog stuff, beach toys, travel toys, and after leaving the cats alone in the house for 5 days with only the company of the occasional pet sitter. ( I swear they go all "Lord of the Flies" when we are gone!)
So, I was feeling pretty frantic and overwhelmed about all the work to do before we go back to work next week with my one good appendage and all..... What was our solution? Put it off for another day! We packed up the kids and went to the Olympia Farmers' market.

Since I was feeling a bit less "able" than normal, I wasn't the greatest at getting photos during either jaunt. Check out Meema's Photos later for the good stuff. In the meantime, these are what I have:
(also - picture showering in a timed state campground shower in 3 minutes with a plastic bag taped around your arm and a long scrubby brush so you can clean your right armpit with your healthy right hand... ridiculous!)
These photos are from a market in Bellingham. Possibly the most adorable market I've ever seen!


Elle Bee said...

Cute photos! What a great place to take the children. Doing everything one-handed--now that's a feat. Ugh.