Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tonight, I get to meet a Real Life Rock Star

If there are any men that deserve throngs of screaming, jumping, adoring young girls --- This Dude would definitely qualify.
If you haven't read his books - go to your library ASAP.
Greg Mortenson is a simple, humble guy who's mission to repay a small tribe for their kindness when they nursed him back to help after a failed attempt to summit K2, started a slow and steady movement to bring peace and a higher quality of life to women in the remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Mortenson believes that the true path to peace lies in education. He also believes that empowering and educating women is the only way to improve any society. When women are educated, their people live longer, their babies and mothers survive childbirth, they are less likely to raise and support violent extremists, and they are better able to support their families with a strong sense of self worth.
Greg Mortenson's organization is called the Central Asia Institute. This is an excerpt from their website:

"The Girl Effect
The powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate in their society. Why girls? Adolescent girls are uniquely capable of raising the standard of living in the developing world. Girls are the most likely agents of change, but they are often invisible in their societies and to our media. The Girl Effect is rooted in the work of the Nike Foundation, which has been joined by the NoVo Foundation in a shared mission to create opportunities for girls, and for the world. " To learn more, click HERE
Read his story. You'll like him too.


Rebecca said...

Can't wait to read all about it - hope it is as great as it sounds!

Lacey said...

How cool is this? And how excited are YOU? ;-)

Bethany said...

Oh wow, how neat! I've heard his books are really good, I need to check them out! :)