Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Cousins with a visit from "The Scowler"

My mom made these sweaters and dresses for all the cousins. Don't they look friggin' adorable?! These photos are like chocolate to me.

All the cousins:
Addison, Phoebe, Graesen, Aidan

Phoebe (aka "scowler") didn't like the way the photographer was flipping her hair to make them smile. Phoebe thought it was stupid. And weird. And downright freaky.

She made this face in every single group photo.

So, just to be fair, here is what she usually looks like:

Worlds' Cutest Kids?
Or am I just biased?


foxy said...

That first photo is a FANTASTIC one of your kiddos. Wow. Both great smiles and I LOVE the coordinating dress and sweater made by your mom. Awesome.

Becky said...

Those are the most adorable outfits! And no, you are not biased...those are beautiful faces:)

Sara said...

Phoebe is ahead of her time. My brother used to make that face at the photographer when he was 16 or so... and tended to flip him off in the process.

Phoebe doesn't do that, right?

Lacey said...

Too freaking adorable!