Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me, Monday

This is my first “Not me" Monday!
I’m definitely not one of those moms who lets the kids regress to sleeping in the master bed again. Nope. Not me. And it would be totally unheard of for me to just throw in the towel one night and end up sharing a popsicle with a two year old – in bed – because I couldn’t sleep either.
I’m sure most moms do this, but you would never, ever , catch me giving the kids showers with the detachable nozzle, hosing them down in the exact same manner as the family dog as I stand outside the stall, trying to keep my clothes dry…. Nope – not me. And nope – I can’t do it in 90 seconds flat, either. (although, it would be great for the environment – you must admit!)

My family outings are always idyllic (just like the rest of my life) – just a mom and dad and two kids walking along in the park and stopping at the old fashioned bakery for a fresh treat. I never have to scoop up a flailing toddler and fireman carry her to the car, muttering to myself that we must find an exorcist on the double. Nope – not me. My children are always angels.
And I’m perfect.


foxy said...

Of course you are!! You would NEVER do those things!! ;)

I love those 'not me' things... ha.

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i do not beg dh to let the kids sleep in bed with me and even convince them to do extra chores so they can when DH is out of town

fairyluver said...

Ha I love your not me momments!! Thanks for sharing

The Muse said...

You should give lessons...we humbly bow before you...
oh weren't serious?
(oh darn!)