Monday, January 11, 2010

Struck Dumb by Busyness

So, I haven't had much to say lately, what with all the returning to work after the holidays and parenting the crazies in my house. But, here is a quick little post to show you that I've not been a total dud the past few weeks! Along with organizing kid closets, cleaning 5 (yes, FIVE) huge dog puke spots off my carpet, and doing some minor furniture rearranging, I found some cute fabric and some vinyl to cover my kids' table in the kitchen to make it "paint and spaghetti friendly." It turned out to be a $12 dollar project, including the little fake roses, and I'm wondering why in the world I didn't do it sooner! So easy and cute! Just need fabric, vinyl, stapler, and scissors! I can see myself doing this several times... maybe with a seasonal theme....

(PS - No, my dog doesn't normally puke that much. I came home from work last week and there was a smell. It was one of those things where I took one look at my hall, then my room, then the living room.... and wanted to turn around and run. Instead, I scrubbed for HOURS. That sneaky dude must have gotten into some kind of plant or something outside that disagreed with him... And boy, did we all suffer for that one!)


foxy said...

So cute! Love the vinyl idea.

Oh, dogs and their messes. One of mine must've gotten into something too - just last night - because the little 5 lb guy had the gas of an elephant. Talk about gross... whew!

Lacey said...

This is such a great idea! I love that you can totally change it for the seasons too.

My dog puked today. I feel your pain.