Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Addison found one of Angelina's eggs last night when we were cleaning the coop area. She insisted on carrying it around the yard for a couple of hours and then had it for dinner. She was very proud of her foraging, and I was happy to see her eating our healthy, happy, organic eggs!

It was fitting that she had on this adorable new hair clip from the Shining Star Boutique on Etsy

Angelina (the redhead) and Uma:

(Don't worry - she isn't pulling. She is actually very gentle with all the animals, so they LOVE her when she sits still long enough to cuddle.)

Uma thought that Henry must be getting a treat from Addison, so she ran over there to check it out:

Sweet Henry:


foxy said...

I wish I could have chickens running around... :(

Becky said...

How neat to have your own chickens!

And look how green everything is there! And your flowers! Wow! Spring has sprung!

Lacey said...

What beautiful pictures! Little A is adorable as always, and Henry is one handsome cat.

Okay, so I'm officially in love with your yard. :-)