Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today the little dude turns

He is handsome,
He is smart,
And he is without boundaries.
Aidan loves everyone he meets, is compassionate and generous in a way that almost startles us at times, and he believes in magic.

Aidan is a dreamer, a teaser, and a cuddle bug.

He likes to work, play, and tells me he wants to learn how to run fast so he can win trophies.

He is every opportunity and every possibility.

He is unafraid, uninhibited, and often does the unexpected.

At times I see the other moms in the store with 5 dutiful, silent, and bland little children and I think, Man, that looks nice and easy……

But then,

Who wants boring, when you could have a


foxy said...

You can actually see the curious and inquisitive nature in his eyes.

Happy birthday, little dude!

Janelle said...

Happy Birthday, Aidan! I'm sorry I'm not there, but I will see you soon!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday, "Big A!"

He's a miracle in the making. ;-)