Friday, April 9, 2010

Copy Cat

I'm copying FOXY, because I'm at work, it's my lunch break, and I WANT TO. :)
One of the most important items in a junior high classroom as Spring Begins:
(because the boys haven't learned about deoderant)

If you haven't seen this, and if you care AT ALL about the Earth, watch it!

My favorite photo from high school cross country, when things were so simple:

A couple of my favorite kid pics:

a total "mom purse," which means - a bag that can fit anything:

the egg cartons that everyone gives me once they find out I have chickens:

Evidence of my addiction:
(box full of books that I finish at work and need to take home someday.
along with the recycling bin, and my heater, because my classroom is an icebox.

Pile of awful 7th grade persuasive research papers I have to grade:
looking all teachery:


foxy said...

I absolutely LOVE IT!

Dude, the air freshener is totally cracking me up. I can't even imagine what those boys smell like. PeeYou!

And the quote from March of the Penguins?? SHUT UP... it's too dang sweet! Just so you know, I wrote it on a post it and added it to my monitor - right above the "love is a present" quote. :)

Happy Friday, my friend!