Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break Culture Clash

The day after my Addison's 3rd birthday party we cleaned the house, packed the car, prepared for the chicken and cat sitters, and hit the road early the next morning. With my family living across the state, I've made an art form out of packing, unpacking, and transporting children and canines across the mountains and through the plains. It never gets old. Really.

Anyhow, it was nice to have some company on my workouts when I was at my hometown. My sister Janelle has been my faithful companion as we train for our Marathon in June. We had another blog to chronicle this journey, but we both got lazy and quit it. Yeah - but don't count us out yet! Just because we quit the blogging about it, doesn't mean we quit the mileage.
So, this past Saturday we had to do 16 miles. We created an awesome route out in the country near my folks' place and ended up with this little tour through Nostalgiaville... She posted pictures on her blog of our little jaunt through The Country We're talking cows, a herd of 30 elk, a flock of wild turkeys, lots of rolling hills and silent farmland. We were caught in incredible hail squalls, snow flurries, and gusting wind, as well as lovely sunbreaks and blue skies. It was AWESOME. If you need a pick-me-up, head for a country road and walk a while. Detox for the soul.

Well, the day after that, on our way back home, I ran into another critter that brought up fond memories of my past. Oh yeah, baby.

That's right. We ran into Sir Mixalot at Wendy's in Ellensburg, WA. He was in line behind us with some of his "entourage," and then sat right next to us to eat! Jeff was brave enough to talk to him and confirm who he was.... I just got out my camera and tried to drum up some guts.
I danced to "Baby Got Back" at EVERY SINGLE high school dance. If you're my age, you probably did the same. The song was a friggen anthem. You know what I mean....

"So your girlfriend rolls a Honda, playing workout tapes by Fonda, but Fonda aint got a mota in the back of her Honda...."

Alas, I chickened out. Jeff told him in the parking lot, though, "My wife is too scared to ask you to smack her butt for a picture..." (insert visual of me hustling to the car with averted eyes....)
I suppose these two snapshots of my Spring Break fit together in a way, because although I'm following a MARATHON training schedule, I have yet to lose any weight! I love Addison and don't regret a THING about my pregnancy, but MAN, she sure did mess of my metabolism! So I'll keep training, but maybe I should add a little Mixalot to my iPod....


Lacey said...

Detox for the soul. LoveloveLOVE it!

And I can't BELIEVE you met Sir MixaLot! I would have totally freaked, haha. That song was like a DAILY thing for me... even if you didn't like that kind of music, you just HAD to love that song. :-)

foxy said...

So, you're running a FULL MARATHON? Because, wow girl, that is super impressive! I can't imagine going that far. Whew!

And how super hilarious that you saw Sir Mixalot. Of course, I too LOVED that song. Who didn't?? NO ONE. Everyone loved it! :) A picture of him smacking your butt would have been the perfect shot. You shoulda done it!!