Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When Summer Comes to the PNW

That's "Pacific Northwest" for those not familiar with my locale.
And here's how it goes: Summer starts. I stay home with a sick kiddo on my last day of school, missing all the last day parties with my students. Rain falls. We continue to wear coats and sweatshirts. The chickens have a heat lamp on at night. Slugs are eating all my flowers.
But here's how it goes on a not-so-glum personal level:
Thursday - We feel bathed in friendly smiles thanks to a quick trip to a local farmers' market. In large part, I think the smiles are based on the sorbet colored bouquet of wildflowers in my hands, the golden mountain of a dog wagging along beside me, and a little sprite in a twirly skirt eating a loaf of brie and tomato bread bite by bite, right out of the paper bag. It would make me smile, anyways...
Friday - My trusty golden mountain of a dog and myself end the evening with an 8-miler and stop to watch the sunset over the mountains from an old green bridge while a sea lion flipped and frolicked in the water below us.
Saturday - My little ones snuggle in a tee pee indoors, watching "Toy Story," while I made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. When the rain drizzles to a stop, they snag as many cookies as I permit and run outside to gallop like cowboys around the yard for the rest of the day.
Saturday night through Monday night - I get struck by the stomach flu from hell. (stay tuned to the fathers' day note I planned on writing before I turned into the disgusting stomach flu girl.) :)