Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Mom Hat

Yesterday I went to Aidan's school to volunteer in his kindergarten classroom. It was really a nice change of pace to be in school as a "visitor" and not a teacher! I spent the day tagging along with Big A as he proudly showed me around, introduced me, and had little moments of jealousy when other kids interacted with me. The teacher had asked me to do a craft with the class, so I spent 2 hours working with small groups of kids at a time to make mod podge Halloween soaps, pipe cleaner bracelets, and then rewarded them with Halloween pencils to take home. This was the simplest craft I could come up with, and it seemed to be perfect for their maturity level. I have a whole new appreciation for kindergarten teachers!
After a long day, we had to brave the city traffic,
hop on a ferry,
and then entertain a 3 year old who was really wired after a long day at school, then a fun afternoon with her aunt Alisha, Uncle Greg, and cousin Cora. (notice the pants. She refuses to wear her pants without rolling them up to look like capris.)
And just because that last photo of Addison looks trashy, I have to add this one to show her looking more photo friendly: HA!
We had a meeting with Aidan's educational "team" to discuss how best to help Aidan with his transition he's been going through in kindergarten. It's been a rough few weeks and we've come up against some obstacles we never expected, but I think that with so many people advocating for him, he's bound to shine. As a mom, I'm learning that sometimes the the things you are BORN TO DO are actually pretty hard. I've always known I was going to have kids. I've always known it was not only my dream, but my ultimate destination to be a mom. I was born to do it. Now that we are faced with a new parenting schedule as Aidan enters kindergarten, leaving us less time with him during the school week, and now that Aidan is struggling with all the new stimuli in his life, I'm finding that the reservoir God gives "us moms" is as deep and full as it ever was. It's going to be hard. It will probably take a lot of determination and stamina.
But when have I ever lacked those?


foxy said...

I love the crafts that you took for them to do - just perfect!

And I absolutely LOVE Addison's hat. Is that another one that your mom made??