Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Post to Make Up for My Lack of Posts

At Daddy's school carnival

First big kid birthday party:

The invitation was to an "art show" featuring art from age 2-6 from the birthday girl. Cheese and "wine" was served after a play time at the YMCA.

Josie, the birthday girl:

Salmon fishing on Halloween Day:
(2 large salmon are now in our freezer)

First trip to the dentist:

Someone fell asleep immediately when put in Temper tantrum time out - notice the burger in her hand?

Girl Shopping Day:

Impulsivity at the mall:


foxy said...

What a great "grown up" party! What a cool idea. Looks like he was the only boy there... what a stud! ;)

Cute costumes... and color coordinated! Bonus!

Love those photos of you and your girl. Those need to be framed!

Sabina said...

Wow, what fun!! Glad to see you and your family are doing well and enjoying life!! ;)