Saturday, July 19, 2008


This is an antique egg basket shaped like a pig. My mom found it at an antique shop and knew we'd soon put it to use! Any day now, we expect to find some fresh eggs in our coop.
The flowers are from a sweet little farmers' market in town. I miss the other side of the state, but I have to say that the markets, the water, and the endless opportunities to explore and find quirky little locales makes this a nice place to live and have a family.

Concerning the Eggs --- We had 6 hens, which would mean about 6 fresh eggs every 24 hours. One of our hens started behaving in an odd fashion, much to our confusion and amusement.
Opal, the coolest of cool little hens, started to greet the morning with a "cockadoodledoo!"
So it turns out that Opal is a boy. Or, she still might be a gender-confused female who has just happened to start looking like a big old rooster and crowing to fulfill the flock's need for a male... Or she might be a boy who developed slowly and is finally hitting puberty. (Usually you would know a male is a male a lot sooner.... and he/she hasn't displayed any other "male" behaviors as of yet.) Either way, I still call her a "she" and her name will always be Opal.

My family once had a girl cat named Wilbur who looked like she ate small children for breakfast.... so I guess we foster a safe environment for pets with diverse gender associations. Right?