Sunday, August 3, 2008

Market Day and Naughty Miss A

Another day at the market! Can you believe that these lovely flowers are only $5??

We couldn't resist some more colorful artwork

And a stray flower for my art table.

These are the posters that Addison chose for her room. Really - we looked at all the posters and these are the ones she chose. :) You can try all you want to make her pick gender-neutral toys and decor, but this little tomboy still likes her fluffy, pretty things at the end of the day.

Addison trying to get into her little bus... She was ticked that she didn't fit.

Aren't 2nd children supposed to be easier??? Addison climbs on EVERYTHING. I caught her climbing onto this counter, on the dining room table, and pretty much anywhere dangerous and high off the ground. There is NO SUCH THING as child-proofing enough for this kid. We just have to watch her every move and be ready to catch her. (hmmm... is there a life lesson in that?)