Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to Work...

My blogging days have met resistance. My freedom and energy and "umph" have run into a road-block. Yep. It's fall. So I'm back to work. But never fear! I'm educating the masses. I'm giving that energy and motivation to classrooms full of 7th graders all day and my children and pets by night. Sure, this doesn't leave much room for my own little passing hobbies, but I'll soon get used to the schedule and be back to normal.

Here are the kiddos at the fair checking out the piggies:

These are Muffin Tin Meals that I learned about from
The kids like the variety and I like having only one dish to clean for each meal! Check out "Muffin Tin Monday" on that blog and others. These moms have the greatest ideas and are proving yet again that "stay at home moms" are more aptly called "WORK at home moms." As a teacher, I can personally compare a summer at home with my children to working full time as a teacher during the school year. Although I DREAM of staying home with my kids some day when it's affordable, I must admit that teaching is MUCH easier than a day at home with two toddlers. :)

And, Finally! A Blue Egg! The chickens are maturing and we currently have 3 that have started to lay eggs on a daily basis.