Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Addison,

Dear Addison,

This week you were apparently stolen from me and replaced with an identical, EVIL, twin. You look like the bundle of sweetness and love that I gave birth to almost 20 months ago, but the screaming, kicking the floor, flailing your little arms and legs about, have made me start to suspect the truth---- You are now an angry little alien from some other planet. My real Addison has left the building, and perhaps won't be back for a few days.... weeks.....(gulp) years....?

Have we hit the terrible twos? Is there a reason for the sudden refusal to put on your clothes, take off your clothes, go to school in the morning, be buckled into your car seat, or even put your coat on in this freezing weather?

I apologize for having to pin you down and bodily force you into your car seat this morning, but your choice on the matter just wasn't going to happen - Momma WILL NOT let you ride in the car while crawling around the back seat with your Care Bear. You were so angry at being buckled in that you SPIT OUT YOUR FRUIT SNACK.... and this was when I first acknowledged the awful truth. Fruit Snacks are like your magic pill. Have a fruit snack? - You are Addison's best friend. But now, this evil twin apparently wasn't given the message that to appear to be my real little girl, you would have to at least pretend to like fruit snacks.

Yesterday you threw a fit because you dropped my day planner on the floor at the supermarket. And then you threw a fit when I handed it back. And then you threw a fit when I put it back in my purse. And then you HIT me.... (who are you???)

Today you screamed the 15 full minutes on the way to daycare. You usually sing and chat and play with your Care Bear.... And my ears were literally hurting from the volume of your anger.
And what were you angry about? Will I ever know? Will you?

I love you to distraction. I dream about your little smile, your big hazel eyes, and your sassy strut. I have to remember, when you throw your bowl of yogurt all over the floor, that this is just a phase.... just a phase..... just a phase.... And you'll still cling to me at the end of the day and give me hugs for no reason.

And we lived through your brother and his evil twin.... barely. (although I haven't forgotten the poop smeared on the walls when he was taking a "nap"...)



Zen Ventures said...

I'm with ya sister! I've been through that route. She's already 4 years old and the crazy fits she throws still drives me insane! You'd think I'd be used to it by now. uh huh...

Cassie said...

Hi! I'm visiting your blog from SITS. I don't have children, but I bet that is an agonizing stage for a mother to go through! Best wishes, and hopefully the evil twin will become overpowered by the Angel you know and love very soon!

Columbia Lily said...

aw, that sucks. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. =)

SITS Girls said...

We call my boy's "evil twin" Billy.

Billy is no fun.

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