Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The Sisters

As the NKOTB concert was in full swing, I started to notice that there was a direct correlation between your enjoyment in the concert and your age. My sister Janelle, for example, is 23. She was moderately entertained. My sister Shawna, 25, was singing along, clapping, and doing an occasional scream.
I, however, as a 28 year old, was screaming, dancing, waving my arms, and pretty much morphing into a boy-band-crazy 13 year old from yesteryear. And I was not alone.

It had been 16 years since my last girly concert. (same band) I was not at all disappointed. The whole crowd (and I mean EVERY single person) stood for the whole concert, screamed loud enough to burst eardrums for miles, and tossed aside all inhibitions to fully enjoy the silliness of an all-out crush fest and booty shake. It was AWESOME. I didn't even know I had a screaming, ridiculous alter-me hiding in my soul....

And why was it so awesome? Because, don't get me wrong, I think most of us know that the music isn't really all that good. We got over the lyrics about 13 years ago when we realized that they had the depth of a "Teen Beat" magazine article and the staying power of our hot pink shoelaces and matching rubber bands in our braces. (SO cool, by the way.)

It was awesome because it took us back. If you were about my age, it took you back to a time when you were 12 years old, believed in wishes coming true, best friends being forever, and the endless joy and good times that would be your future. Make-up and jewelry were still like playing dress-up, eating was done with abandon and without calorie counting, and some of life's largest problems might consist of not being able to curl your bangs right or not being asked to "couples skate" with a cute boy at the roller rink on Friday.
It was life before any of us took a fall.

Saturday was a celebration. Not just for a FABULOUS boy band.... but for the little girls that still reside in our hearts. These little girls are tenacious, rejoiceful, and full of spunk. And they will make all of us better mothers to our own little future teenie boppers.
And Thank God for a night where I got to ACT MY AGE for once!

(Here we are, swooning) :)

The overpriced concert t-shirt I HAD to buy:

And because my family is the type that encourages embracing and flaunting your inner dork, I had to record this for posterity:
I found out my sister LITERALLY has a laminated list. In her purse. A list.
And she laminated it.
How Cool Is That?

(and if you don't know what a laminated list is, where have you been??)


Maki said...

Oh I was 12 - 15... Thanks for the video - I felt like I was there for a minute.

I'm glad that you had fun!! BTW, I'm officially jealous.