Monday, December 22, 2008

I need a nap.... and here's why:

This season, Little A has found a love for boots. (particularly her brother's boots) Here she is, right after bath time, in the clothes she would prefer to wear for the rest of the day. All day long, I find boots and shoes all over the house. My little shoe diva likes to sample the shoes of every family member and then leave them in odd places - window sills, coffee table, pantry, etc.

Here's Aidan earning some quarters. (and channeling his energy for good, rather than evil for the moment) :)

Reading stories with great grandma.

Random decorations that have been saved from the kids on multiple occasions.

Blizzard that keeps us indoors most days. (and stir-crazy)

After 20 minutes of bundling up, we've been sledding about an hour a night.

When we finally left the house to do some errands, we came upon this car that was stuck in the road with a bunch of people standing around trying to help. After a few minutes, they finally got this guy on the road with some forward movement... and then the truck of one of the helpers(pictured) was turning around to leave and the TRUCK got stuck. We had some chains in the back of our explorer, and we apparently were the only folks with snow tires and 4 wheel drive. We towed the truck back onto the road....

And Big A cheered, saying, "We saved the day!"

And while we were stuck waiting, I decided to take a picture of my most frivolous purchase I've made in a long time. I've been wanting these adorable Kleen Kanteens for the kids. Not only are they cute and environmentally friendly, but they also are BPA-free and totally safe. They're expensive, as most "green" things tend to be, but I'm thinking they'll last forever. And of course, I bought myself one as well.
My latest attempt at creativity: (I'm not counting this a success, so this will be my last chicken ornament) :)