Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Bunnies

Some of my most precious childhood memories involve nighttime sledding with my family. My sisters and I would wait excitedly until my dad came home from work and then we'd have him run all over the yard, driveway, and up and down the curbs, pulling us in one of our old sleds. It was the most magical if the snow was falling in the light of our neighborhood street lamps and if mom had a really great meal cooking inside. We would stomp our way into the house when we had thoroughly exhausted Dad, leaving clumps of snow down the stairs and into the laundry room, where we would leave piles of wet snow pants and boots. The house would be golden with warmth and good smells - a perfect environment for any little kid looking for Holiday Magic. I was blessed to have a youth that so closely resembled a Campbell's Soup commercial. :)

Addison doesn't seem to be having fun in this picture, but that's just because she's being manhandled by her brother. :) They both had a great time as I pulled them around the property, and then we all had a good time when Daddy towed us around (safely) behind my quad.

Getting warm with some crackers.

Aidan and Addison sharing a story. Notice how Aidan begins all of his stories.... "Pos wanna time..." (which in Aidan-Speak means "Once Upon a Time.)


Tabitha Blue said...

Such great memories!!!! We love snowy days (and nights) as well in our house!! Your kids will have all those wonderful memories themselves!!!!