Thursday, January 8, 2009

Complicated Femininity

I must admit; I was a bit proud of my daughter when she shunned dollies and picked up her brother's plastic cordless drill instead.
I was cheering wordlessly, "You GO girl!" when she insisted on playing trains, getting dirty outside, and wearing a little baseball cap with her sparkly jeans and Pooh Bear shoes.
That's. My. Girl.
And then, yesterday, she wanted a doll that we saw at the store. It was a FANCY doll. A doll that cries, has a bottle, gives kisses, and sucks a binky.
Addison wanted it.
I bought it.
End of story...

And then I went back for the little stroller.

And today we walked through the mall - ALL through the mall - so she could push her baby, stop and feed her baby from the little fake bottle she has tucked in her pocket, and tell random strangers, "I WUV baby."
She was a hit.
This kid can make people smile.

And you know what?
It's really kind of flattering. I mean - where in the world did she learn to be such a great mother, huh? :)
And I realize now that it's not the DOLLS I was worried about at all. It was the possibility of my daughter being shoved in a box, tied down by societal expectations, or tethered by sexist limitations.
Hear Her Roar.
I was raised to think myself capable, accountable, powerful, and complete. I would submit to God, follow God, and serve God.
And everyone else would get the deference they deserved.
It's hard to make a bright difference in this world if you do it from under a bushel, or a cloak of feminine submission, ehh?
I'm charmed by my daughter's obvious and early signs of being a Nurturer AND a Tom Boy. To me, she is showing all indications of going down the right feminine path.
And to me, THAT is something worth encouraging.


tara @ kidz said...

It's complicated being feminine!

I too was a tomboy, but also a girlie-girl. I always wanted to wear pretty dresses, but also wanted to go play with the boys in the dirt. So my mom would put pants under the dresses. Oh my heck, the pictures are hysterical!

Sabina said...

How wonderful!! Adorable photos!!

Tabitha Blue said...

That is awesome!! She can hold her own, she'll take care of herself, and be a great mommy!!! You must be one great mommy as well!