Sunday, January 4, 2009

Deep Snow

You can just barely see our explorer behind this snow bank in my parent's front yard:

Aidan had to walk through a snow maze that was plowed as a pathway to my aunt's front door for a pajama party with his sister. He thought this was super cool, because the snow was over his head.

My parents had to dig a dog trail just so the dogs could go into the back yard to do their bathroom business:


Maki said...

OMG - so much snow!!!!! I haven't seen that much snow in years... I want my girls to experience that...

Happy Happy New Year!!!!

Tiny Tutus said...

LOL I have no idea where you're from, but I had to laugh at this because I currently live in central Alaska and those scenes are so familiar! It's fun for about 24 hours and then it just gets on my nerves!

Anyway, just dropping in from SITS! Hope you're having a beautiful week!