Friday, January 23, 2009

Little Funnies

The other day:
Aidan - Hi mom. I'm alive.
Me - Why yes, you are.
Aidan- Like Pinocchio.
Me - Oooooh. I see. Yes, just like Pinocchio.


Student - Umm, what was that thing where people were killing everyone who didn't have blond hair?

Me - You mean in Nazi Germany?

Student - Yeah, that's it!

Me - thump, thump, thump (sound of me banging my head against my desk.)


Addison - Yellow Dar! (car)

Me - I see it!

Addison - Yellow Dar!

Addison - Yellow Dar!

Addison - I Wuv Yellow Dar!

Me- Yeah. I like Yellow Cars too, honey.


Me(to class)- Write 'corrected by', and then your name, on the bottom of the quiz you are grading.

Student - I can't.

Me- Why not?

Student - There are boogers on the bottom of the paper.

Me- Oh.

yesterday - 1200 calories, no workout


Kasey said...

You're a teacher? My husband is a teacher (coach).

That booger thing is pretty funny.

-hope you are having a good day! bye