Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pretty New Stuff

First of all, Our New Boat:
Good find at an estate sale down the road:

Random picture of Ranger. (Notice the blueberry yogurt on his head? I wonder how that got there....?)




Saturday Project:

last night - did good on diet until I went to a movie with a friend.... oops.
(By the Way ---- we saw "Defiance." It was AWESOME. A bit Hard core, but awesome.)
30 minutes elliptical
200 crunchers, etc.
Today - 1200 calories


Kasey said...

I love the fabric colors. and the train looks like super fun! I love to go to auctions or estate sales, I got a bunch of my antique furniture at them. It's a great way to get some good deals. have a good weekend!

tara @ kidz said...

All the fabric is fab, but the outside???? Oh my I want it!