Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting out with the guys

Aside from drooling over the new baby, I was able to go on a little kayaking excursion with my dad and grandpa. What a great way to enjoy Eastern Washington! When I went to college in Seattle, most of my new friends were under the assumption that I came from a dry, desolate, and ugly wasteland. They couldn't be more wrong! Since I left for college 10 years ago, I've pined for the lakes, rivers, wooded trails, and green meadows of my home. Seattle may be surrounded by water, but the water around my hometown is much more approachable. :) No parking lots, boat ramp fees, or tourists. Just you, your family and friends, a cool drink, and a slow floating afternoon. You might see some moose, will definitely see some dragon flies, and may periodically need to be on the lookout for angry "canoe-tipping" beavers.
I remember running alongside the busy Seattle streets with a college teammate who was also from Eastern Washington. She and I decided that we had definitely needed to get away to sew our wild oats and all, but we would always be more at home in a town with dusty ditches to run along.


foxy said...

how INCREDIBLY beautiful! wow... makes me want to visit, like, right NOW! oh how i need a vacay...

Whispering Writer said...

That looks like so much fun. What a gorgeous setting.

~ Becky