Thursday, November 12, 2009

The best gift

It started out with a leisurely day of shopping for things we didn’t need. Addison and I had the day off school, so we headed to Poulsbo to get out of the house. It’s been rainy, windy, and gloomy for days, so we needed some cheer and noise.

We went to this place called “Possums Boutique.” SO CUTE. Although I could have spent millions, we bought Addison a sparkly pink necklace for being a “big girl” who uses a toilet, as well as a Calico Critter. She chose the baby bunny who comes with a tiny little Moses Basket and baby bottle the size of a multivitamin. I can’t believe they still have these. I always wanted them when I was little… they come with the cutest accessories, houses, and furniture… Wait - Who did I buy this for, again?

Anyways, then we walked to the bakery across the road for a loaf of Cinnamon Bread, a blueberry donut, and some milk. Addison proudly carried her bag from Possum’s Boutique, strutting in her little red Wonder Woman cape with an adorable hat that grandma made her.

Then we went to Central Market. This is the mother of all supermarkets. It has a funky hippy/yuppy crowd due to the great selection of organics, ethnic foods, unique selections of vegetables, flowers, and even a tortilla press where you can buy fresh, steaming tortilla shells. Needless to say, you end up going there to get milk, and walk away with

1.) Dried pineapple
2.) Petite lady apples the size of walnuts
3.) Fresh vanilla almond granola
4.) Mango Coconut oil diffuser
5.) Oh… and milk.

Of course, we had to eat dinner after being given samples of exotic cheese, a broccoli and bacon salad whipped up by a chef in a white hat, and a fresh tortilla shell we split as it steamed in our hands. (Is this place heavenly or what?!) So we bought two slices of meditteranian pizza and lemonade and ate while we watched all the shoppers in their hemp clothes and comfortable shoes.

And then, on the way out, I was given the greatest gift.

A lady walked up to me and commented on Addison’s hat. (She was about the 15th person to do so.) She then went on to tell me how she had seen us earlier at the bakery and that Addison was wonderful, beautiful and vibrant. She told me I was such a good mom, so great with my daughter, and so patient. She said we were a joy to watch.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had never received such a sweet, unsolicited compliment from a stranger. In fact, up to this point, the winner had been a cranky old lady on a public bus who had croaked at me in an angry sounding voice, “Hey lady, you have beautiful eyes.”

We spoke for a while, and I went along my way. Glowing.

Since we all try so hard to do right by our children, and since we have so many pressures and theories on how to do it, it is such a welcome and meaningful gift when we hear from someone that they think we’re doing a good job.

Do you know any moms who could benefit from such a comment?


Lacey said...

It sounds like the perfect day! Doesn't it just blow you away when someone compliments you out of the blue like that? It makes me want to rush out and tell a perfect stranger they're beautiful. :-)

Becky said...

That is a beautiful gift indeed to recieve:)

I totally think you deserve it!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful blessing you received, and so wonderful to see you so grateful for it.

So often we tear each other down or look for the bad, thank-you for sharing so much good from one day!

foxy said...

Awwwww... how incredibly sweet! Time to pay it forward, sister!

And it sounds like it was just the perfect day. Excellent!

Maggie May said...

What a relaxing, joyous day!