Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Foster Baby

This is Brownie. Brownie was abandoned by her owner of 7 years when the economy struggled last year. She was scheduled to be euthanized last week for lack of a home.
So, she's at our home for now.
It may be a bit traumatic when she finds her forever home, because Addison has fallen in love. She had trouble sleeping last night because she was so excited. She kept saying, "I love Brownie." or "Can Brownie sleep in my bed?" or when Brownie sneezed: "Bless you, Brownie." And my favorite: "I want to make Brownie happy." And for the first time this morning, Addison said, "I don't want to go to school!" (because, of course, she wanted to stay home and play with Brownie all day.)

She's a very tiny thing, especially compared to Ranger. She's actually about the size of a large cat. I think Addison has observed what I have in that Brownie has obviously been mistreated a time or two and is very sweet, playful, and cuddly, but also a bit timid.

When Addison woke up from a "nightmare" that we are certain she faked, she was taken to our room. It soon became evident that she only wanted to see Brownie and talk about her. When we left the room to let her sleep, Brownie was curled on a pillow beside the bed. When I came back a short while later, Brownie was in the bed as well. hmm... someone must have coaxed her...


Becky said...

What a sweet soul little Brownie looks like:) Thank the Good Lord you were there to take her when she needed human kindness the most! I am hoping like Addison that {{maybe}} she can have a forever home with you:)?

Lacey said...

How precious is that puppy! You are a SUPER HERO for rescuing her. Is it part of a program, the fostering until she finds a permanent home, or are you looking for a place for her on your own? She doesn't even look like she's 7, so cute!

foxy said...

Ah man, that is so great that you're able to do that for her! I just hate it when dogs have been mistreated so much that you can see it in their behavior... breaks me heart. Poor baby.

I'm glad she has a good home for now. And i hope that Addison is able to make it through the fostering process unscathed! ;)