Thursday, November 5, 2009


Following his church service, there was a military service at the cemetery. I had never seen an honor guard, so I was very moved and impressed by the respectful tribute for my grandfather.

My dad, carrying grandpa to the final resting place for his physical remains:

My cousin, an Iraq veteran, saluting grandpa:

Grandpa rarely spoke about the war. He was a humble, shy, and generous man. He believed in equality, peace, and integrity. This case also contains M&Ms - because what most of his grandchildren will remember is that grandpa had a sweet tooth and made the best milkshakes in the world - even for breakfast, if you asked him.

I was disappointed when my camera ran out of memory in the middle of the gun salute. This was the best I could do:


Becky said...

I'm so sorry...

It looks like a beautiful ceramony and a wonderful tribute to your grandfather.

Lacey said...

It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony. I'm sure your grandpa loved it.

foxy said...

A military service is so powerful... so much well deserved respect.

The last funeral I went to was for my friend's father, who was also military. It was actually my first time to attend a burial within a military cemetery. All the headstones looked the same and they were all in such linear order. And there were soooooooooooo many of them. Extremely powerful and moving.

My best to your family.

MommyAmy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

My father-in-law and grandpa both had military funerals. It's a very moving experience. I'll never forget one of the honor guards tearing up at my FIL's service. He obviously had never met him, but they treated the service as if it were for their best friend.

Fresh Mommy said...

Wow, what a sad and yet beautiful time. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm so glad that we can honor our men this way. We've had a couple military funerals in our family, and they are so extremely touching. Thank you for sharing this with us. :)