Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pants Optional

A week ago, after much passive warfare and bribery, Miss A. potty trained herself. Cold Turkey. She has literally not had a single accident! We are thrilled, as well as a bit humored by an unforseen side effect. Now that someone is wearing "big girl panties," she has decided that pants are part of her past. Why wear britches when you have elmo, tinkerbell, and polka dot underpants to show off? The minute we get home for the day, the pants come off. She has mentioned that this new style is a bit cold, so she's taken to wearing big cozy slippers to combat the November temperatures. Hopefully her first training bra won't have the same effect...

Anyhow, here is my girl (with a blanket to be decent for the camera) eating her new favorite treat.


foxy said...

So. Dang. CUTE!

Love it!!