Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, It turns out, Aidan was right. Instead of THIS:

She's a bit more like THIS:

With cameras poised, 4 grandparents, a mom, dad, and a brother breathless with anticipation..... the curtains rose, and.....

no Addison.

That's right.

Her first recital, and...
She chickened out.

With her little classmates flitting about the stage in tutus and tights, Addison was backstage, stubborn as a mule, refusing to perform for her doting Momma..... the Momma that did her hair with a pretty flower clip, went to two stores to get the right leotard, and even carried her into the auditorium so she wouldn't soil her pretty little slippers.

Don't get me wrong - you never would have caught me dancing on a stage or donning a dainty little costume.
And I will be ecstatic if she turns into a little jock with muddy shoes and bruises.
But (just this once) - I wanted my little ballerina to appear on the stage and give me a nice photo op. Just this once!
Oh well - I guess she's my daughter, all right.


Lacey said...

Haha! This was hilarious!

That's okay that she chickened out though... rock star, superhero monster truck girls are cooler than ballerinas any day. :-)

Rebecca said...

Tutu's are over-rated, tennis shoes and a volleyball/basketball/softball/etc jersey are much better!