Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Post Where I Talk about Puking, and Vampires, and Ninjas

Momma may be a tough broad, but….
She sure has a weak constitution!

I went to go see the movie “Avatar” yesterday. Initially I thought the movie had all the signs of being a nerd fest, but I was eventually swayed by the good reviews. My husband and I threw caution to the wind and decided we had to see it. On a Monday night. (craziness, I know!) Now you won’t even be shocked when I mention that he has long hair, I have tattoos, and we occasionally run with scissors

What happened, you ask?

Well, since the movie is in 3-D, you get the super cool glasses and the whole screen is constantly twirling and swirling and jabbing out at the audience.

So I got motion sickness.


And we had to leave because I couldn’t even sit there with my eyes closed because the pulsing and flickering lights were going to put me into a complete seizure or puke party – or something equally as interesting for all the innocent bystanders.

I’ll have to redbox it, I guess. Take away all the nausea, and I was actually enjoying myself before we took off.

On a completely random side note – We have vampires for neighbors.
Yep. Since vampires are currently all the rage, I guess this makes us super trendy, right? Get this – all the lights in the house will be out in their home until sometime around 1:00 AM and then it suddenly wakes up and looks all festive over there. (no - they don't work weird shifts or anything.) Plus, they seem to go out walking when it’s raining and grey – and avoid the sunshine. We can go weeks without seeing a single sign of them.
And to add a bloody twist, they own goats. So it’s like they could be “vegetarians” like Edward, Eh? Surviving on their goats’ blood so they don’t have to eat their scrumptious, but unwilling neighbors…..

I could be wrong, but I bet I’m not.
Then again – they could also be Vikings or Robin Hoods or something like that. The teenager wears capes, the mom and dad host parties with basket weaving and archery practice….

Anyways, I’d better keep my game on, because down the road there’s a ninja with nun chucks and
I bet there’ll be a turf war any day now.

P.S. There really is a ninja with nun chucks.


Lacey said...

You have the most interesting neighbors ever, and now I'm officially jealous. ;-)

Avatar made me sick too, but not motion sickness. It just gave me a really fierce headache because everything seemed so blurry (I ended up watching half the movie with my glasses OFF because that was less painful). Later I found out you're supposed to focus on the center of the screen for it to work right (as in, NOT go letting your eyes follow the pretty sparkles that look like they're floating right towards you, haha).

This new-fangled technology is gunna take some gettin used to, apparently!

Rebecca said...

Wow - your neighborhood is way more interesting than ours. But now that I've typed that sentence, I'm not sure that's a good thing....

foxy said...

You know, I really do want to go see Avatar. And I do love 3D. Maybe this weekend. Sorry you got all pukey. That is no fun.

And, man, your neighborhood sounds all super exciting!! I'm a little bit jealous. And yes - they TOTALLY sound like vampires. I'd be thinking the same thing. Maybe Edward will come for a visit?