Friday, February 26, 2010

The Marrow

Since I turned 30 on February 9th, I was thinking I would do some big "Now that I'm 30..." kind of post. As you can tell, I never came up with one.

I knew that reviewing my mountainous past decade and verbally gearing up for the next would end in maudlin, weepy tales of my valleys and dramatic exaggerations of my peeks. I just wasn't in the mood for the Memory Fest.

Instead, I decided that the new me ( the ever-so-wise-and-grown-up me) is the kind of chick who sums it all up in a few short sentences and Moves On.

So --- I would say that the last decade has brought me heartbreak and hope. I saw my body change, my priorities change and my dreams come true. I became an adult, found respect for myself, and blossomed under new self expectations. I was relentless, I was absorbent, and I was adaptable.
I saw some of my greatest fears come true and some of my greatest dreams become reality. I loved, I wept, I fell down, and I got up.

In short - I lived.

And the one most important thing I learned this past decade - Life doesn't have to be perfect to be sweet. I love my story. I love my path. I've found joy in my every day.

And now I get to do it again.
I vow that this next decade will be as full of the marrow as the last.

What adventures I'm going to have!

lunch break at my desk:

the greatest dreams that became reality:

Addison going to spend over night with Nauni on Thursday:
(which resulted in the most luxurious weeknight I have ever had!)


Becky said...

That was SO beautifully written.

I think that is a great "I am 30" Post.

Absolutly love it.

Happy Birthday!

And keep enjoying the road of life big journey! :)

Lacey said...

I love it! And I love the Thoreau reference, too, that's one of my favorite quotes ever. ;-)

Happy belated birthday!

Penney said...

Happy belated thirtieth! I'm certain the next decade will be just as much fun and excitement. =)

foxy said...

Well, happy belated friend! Get to that marrow... there's just no other way to go about living.