Monday, May 24, 2010


A late Mothers' Day gift from Aidan. He pulled me aside last Friday and asked me, "Is it Mothers' Day?" When I told him that we'd already had Mothers' Day, he said, "but I have a present for you!" He turned and pulled out a present he had hidden in the bookshelf. Here it is:

Using an old crayon box as a gift box, held together with a sticker:
A picture of the two of us together:

I wish I could have snuck up on her sooner! She was in her messy room, singing a really loud song that went something like this: "I love my mom.... I love my family.... I love my dog..... I love my friends...." and on and on. I caught the tail end of it, before Ranger went in and stole her "lamby."
Lastly, sleeping cutie:


foxy said...

She's got "star" written all over her!

Lacey said...