Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A is for Athlete

When I asked Aidan if he wanted to train for the 1.2 mile kid "marathon" that takes place the day before my marathon, I didn't realize just how serious he was about the commitment. The very next day when we got home from school, he told me, "I need to train for my marathon so I can get a medal!" And then he proceeded to get dressed in what he thought a fast runner should wear. After some negotiating, I was finally able to convince him that runners don't wear shin guards, but they DO wear super hero shirts.
Here is Aidan doing his "stretching."
(Note: excited super heroes have trouble sitting still for stretching exercises.)

And he's off! We had several laughing bystanders whom Aidan would breathlessly tell, "Hi! I'm training for a marathon so I can get a medal!"

I spent the whole mile hollering at him to stay at the side of the road while pushing a jogging stroller and containing the dog.

Aidan is also a proud T-Baller for the first time.

God bless the patient high school girl coaches!

Aidan and his friends find that part of T-Ball practice includes putting softballs down their pants, doing summersaults while going after the ball, hugging each other, and purposefully falling down as often as possible.