Tuesday, May 4, 2010

20 miles = a million smiles

Janelle and I set out to do our 20 miles this past Saturday. I was a bit apprehensive, but knew that with company and with the scenic route, we would be ok.

Much like last time, though, the weather was starting to look a little ominous when we were about 6 miles in....

Mom, our trusty groupie, made us peanut butter balls for the journey... but when we took them out for a quick calorie boost, we were amazed at the transformation. Our peanut butter balls were now a peanut butter blob. Still tasted good, though, so we trekked on.

We picked up our pace when we noticed the nothing Creeping up from behind

When we realized that it was hopeless; we were going to be overtaken by a twister a least, and the nothing at worst, Janelle took off through the fields to avoid sure death.

She didn't get very far before the hail struck.

And then the winds started howling.
So I held on for dear life and was almost blown away.


After the mini-storm passed us by, we had a couple of miles of blue sky. Notice that I said a couple of miles. A few more glances over our shoulders showed us that ANOTHER storm was on the way. This one was even more intense than the last.

So I asked God, "WHY?! WHY? Oh, for the love.... WHY?!"

The hail actually HURT. We had 2 kind folks stop and try to rescue us, but we nonchalantly shrugged off their help and dug in to our inner amazon strength to forge on.

(this is Janelle channeling her inner amazon...)

Here, you can actually see the streaks of hail coming down:

You can see that this cow is clearly thinking, "What the.....?" as we hustled by.

a patch of blue sky at last!
Mom and dad appeared with our kiddos, a platter of warm chocolate chip cookies, and ice water. Then they drove ahead to leave water at a couple of locations several miles further. How cool is that?!

and then a THIRD story was gearing up at our backs.

You can literally see the dark clouds rolling on the bottom right:

We ran the last mile and climbed into mom's car before this final storm could have it's way with us. Nothing makes you appreciate nature like getting out in it for a few hours with no shelter!


foxy said...

OH MY GOSH! That's some dedication right there... running your 20 miles in a HAIL STORM. Geeeez. Yeah, I'm sure it did hurt - getting pelted by hail can't feel good! I mean, it is coming all the way from HEAVEN. :)

On a side note, those pictures of the rolling hills are amazing. You can see for miles and miles and miles and miles... Oh and, yeah, I am craving peanut butter now.

You go girls!!

Lacey said...

1) It's so beautiful there I could almost cry. I would totally go on that trek with you guys!

2) Wait, did I say I would totally go on that trek with you guys? What I MEANT to say was maybe in a car. Or at least on a 4-wheeler or something, haha. That is a LONG trek! :-)