Sunday, May 9, 2010


I always knew she was a force of nature.

I always knew she was powerful, good, and true.

I took for granted how she painted a perfect picture of childhood for me - until I became a mom myself.

My mom gave me heart-shaped sandwiches in my lunch, watched every single sporting event, made dinner every night, smocked sweet little dresses for her 3 daughters, gardened, cleaned, volunteered for everything, and spent hours at the doctors, orthodontists, dentists, and sports therapist offices.

She may have looked graceful and lovely, but she was never afraid to stand in the mud to cheer us on. She didn't hesitate when confronted with bloody noses, scraped knees, or toes that bent in ways toes should never bend.

Mom's always been a tough chick.

She ages gracefully, fills her days with artistic and athletic pursuits, listens to phone call after phone call of random daughterly chit chat, and comes running at the sign of any emergency in the lives of anyone she knows.

I know if it came down to it, there's nothing Mom couldn't or wouldn't do.

To me - these videos are about my mom.


Mom said...

Thank you. It has been an honor being your Mom. I love you. Thank you for the wonderful day.

Love, your Mom

Lacey said...

This was a beautiful tribute, and your mom sounds like one hell of a lady! Happy (late) Mother's Day!