Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

Little tops for Cousin Cora and Addison. These are so easy and
fast to make! I love being able to pick my own fabrics.

Hanging with the boys:
Addison is always the only girl at the birthday parties, but
she doesn't seem to mind. This was her first time bowling.
3-4 year-olds bowling.... It was like herding cats, but really cute!

Addison made Mod Podge Christmas soap and thumbprint
reindeer cards for her friends this year. :)

For Addison's teacher - these sweet little gift bags
are only 25 cents at Target!

Key Fobs for all the Teachers this year:
(these are REALLY easy to make!) Maybe I shouldn't tell
you how easy these things are, so you will be impressed by
my craftiness, ehh?


foxy said...

I love the little appliqued (sp?) shirt at the top - so cute! I kinda want to make myself one of those! ;)