Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finally a Soccer Mom

I'm one of those moms who doesn't believe in overly managing my kids' schedules with activities and structure. Let kids be kids, ehh? They can make blanket forts, use their imaginations, and think the backyard is as good a playground as any.
But, there's a catch. I REALLY believe in sports. And I REALLY believe in sports for girls. I'm a teacher and I can SEE everyday what confidence and strength can do for teenage girls. So, in an effort to start the slow mindwashing of my youngest, I signed her up for soccer. You must admit, dance just wasn't her thing. So, I sucked it up and paid the price, we arrived a half hour early to scope out the location, and my heart giggled when I saw my little girly girl get in the game. I envision cold bleachers, spirit sweatshirts, and coolers of healthy treats in my future.....
everything I've ever dreamed of.
For now - doesn't she just look darn cute?