Sunday, January 30, 2011

Slap Dash, Rainbow and Glitter Kind of People

Sometimes reading blogs can make me feel like a slob, or just really, really lame. All the women are stunning, their homes are like magazine spreads, and everyone seems to be professional photographers and homemakers. Not I.
As I reorganized my daughter's room this weekend, I thought about going all crazy and doing a massive paint and Pottery Barn conversion of her room. But then, would it really be US? I might always have a slight craving for airy, ocean colored rooms, but we're really more of a slap-dash, rainbow and glitter, barely contained in the borders of our house kind of people.
I'm the type of mom whose real life consists of a whole lot of fairy wing clean-up, dinosaurs in my shower, and finding rolls of tape routinely being put to use on my walls and random household items as modern art.
Sometimes it's exhausting just keeping us all healthy and hygienically sound. (I mean really - I think I vacuum three times more than the average Momma due to my 3 cats and golden mountain dog.)
So, I'm going to give myself a break. We may not be sophisticated or beige, but we sure are colorful.

A wide space in the hall is our "activity center" where we do math. (that's right - I'm working on creating math prodigies --- because that's how hardcore I am. Ok - to be honest, a lot more modern art is done here than actual math, but still... )
Most recent art found on my wall:
Super Aidan fighting off evil monster: (self portrait)

Super Addison fighting off evil monster: (self portrait)

artists in repose:

Every morning, I have Aidan go let the chickens out of the pen for their free range time. This morning, I went to watch him out the kitchen window and saw him prancing down the lawn looking like this:

Since a fairy party at the local library, Addison hasn't been able or willing to take off her fairy flower wreath. She wore it to the store, to church, to the Chinese Buffet, to the feed store.... etc.
(notice, she's wearing one of my little wooden dolls. This means I rock.)

Aidan was good at church, so they let him choose a prize out of a bucket. This is what he chose. Now that he is very conscious of his pinky, he spent a lot of time waving his hand around and sticking his pinky out while drinking his water at the Chinese Buffet. He looked awesome and, ummm..... colorful.


foxy said...

Hey - I like the slap-dash rainbow and glitter types! :)

And is he fighting with a pizza as his shield? Or is that just meant to be a shield? Because it made me hungry for pizza. Ha.

And can I just say THANK YOU? Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I absolutely ADORE the wrap you sent. And the chocolate, of course, that was gone that day. ;) Did you make the wrap?